Glenn Paige (2008)

Glenn D. Paige (1929-2017)  


Founder and past Chair of the Center for Global Nonkilling. Korean War veteran. Author of Nonkilling Global Political Science (2002; 3rd ed. 2009), The Scientific Study of Political Leadership (1977), co-editor of Nonkilling Korea: Six Culture Exploration (2012). Educated at Phillips Exeter Academy (1947), Princeton University (A.B. politics, 1955), Harvard University (A.M. East Asian studies, 1957), PhD Northwestern University, political science 1959), and by colleagues around the world.

Professor Glenn D. Paige is the first thinker and peace activist in known history who advocates and passionately strives to promote his conviction that a nonviolent and a Nonkilling society will be possible if courageous and sustained efforts leading to fundamental changes both in the thinking and behavioral pattern of human being are followed. By doing so he has caused both a sort of revolution and disquiet at the thinking of a considerable segment of thinkers, peace, activists and others in several parts of the world.

Two of the silent but major developments that have far reaching influence on the course of human history are (i) the publication of the book Nonkilling Political Science by Prof. Glenn D. Paige and its subsequent translations into 24 world languages and (ii) the establishment of Centre for Global Nonkilling at Honolulu in Hawaii.


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