Miles Okumura (2010)

Miles Okumura, a teacher at Honokaa High and Intermediate School and Chairman of the Peace Committee of Honokaa Hongwanji, was the 2010 Peace Day Hawai`i Distinguished Peacemaker Awardee.  Miles is recognized for his valuable service with the Peace Committee on Big Island, which produces the Annual Parade & Festival for the United Nations International Day of Peace in Honokaa.

“As educators, we have the potential to make this world a better place by teaching the next generation the values of peace, compassion and awareness of interdependence of life,” Okumura said. “100,000 teachers can reach 15 million future citizens every year with just one lesson plan a year. Over the course of our careers, we can raise and educate hundreds of millions of citizens.”

The “Annual Parade and Festival for the United Nations International Day of Peace” in Honokaa is the largest and most elaborate celebration of its kind in the world.