Nainoa Thompson & The Hokule’a Crew

Nainoa Thompson is the President of the Polynesian Voyaging Society and Master Pwo Navigator in the Polynesian traditional art of “wayfinding,” a non-instrument form of navigation, under the master Mau Pialilug of Satawal, Micronesia.  Nainoa is a one of the leaders in the Hawaiian Renaissance movement through his navigation of several voyages on the Hokule’a (“Star of Gladness”) first launched in 1975.   This signified a renewal of ancestral cultural traditions of music, chant, language, the arts and other forms of expression that gave Hawaiian indigenous people a sense of identity and place that had been eroded and gradually diminished from western colonizing powers.  Through his voyaging, Nainoa has cultivated the concept of “malama honua” caring for the earth from a global perspective through the 3-year trip of the Hokule’a around the world. His ventures have been renown among environmentalist and maritime conservationist and the people of Hawai`i. 

The Peace Day Hawai’i honors Nainoa as the Distinguished Peacemaker 2017 and the Hokule’a as Honorary Peacemakers 2017 in vision for “Malama Honua” in alignment with the United Nations global values of social justice, sustainability, and creating a culture of peace through the Polynesian Voyaging Society’s education initiatives in the Hawai`i.