Workshops & Panels

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First Session (3:00pm – 4:00pm)

Room G2 – Caring for Island Earth, Caring for Ourselves

Hear the history of why physicians are a part of the Hokulea crew. Hear the personal impact the voyage has had on some of the medical officers who served on PVS voyages. Explore with this panel the significance of caring for ones own health first.

Moderator:  Nadine Tenn Salle, MD (Hikianalia Leg 11: Tahiti to Hawaii)

  • Martina Kamaka, MD (Hokule`a Leg 6: Waitangi to Auckland)
  • Dee-Ann Leialoha Carpenter, MD (Hikianalia Leg 2 (second half): Rarotonga to Pago Pago, American Samoa)
  • Miriam Chang, MD (Hokule`a Leg 11: Aurere to Brisbane/Sydney)
  • Ira Zunin, MD  (Hikianalia: Hawaii to Tahiti  Hokulea: South Africa to Brazil) 

    Hokulea: Great Barrier Reef to Darwin; Hikianalia: Aoteroa to Tahiti  

Conference Room 1  –  Kids for Peace and the Global Sustainable Development Goals

Students show how their United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals project was shared and expanded among all grade levels, school staff and faculty, parents and the community and how we can address world problems within our own local communities. 

Moderator:  Debbie Millikan, Sustainability Specialist, ‘Iolani School

Conference Room 2 – Integrating Peace Education in Schools & Community

Conference Room 3 – Peace Awareness Stories and Activities for Children and Families

Come listen to stories for children and families focusing on peace. A hands-on interactive project to inspire discussions of peace and non-violence will follow the story telling.

Second Session (4:30pm – 5:30pm)

Room G2 –  Aloha on the Frontlines:  How Hawaii is Leading the Charge for Immigrant Rights

Hawaii’s history and character is defined by the diversity and talents its migrants have brought to it.  The “Spirit of Aloha” takes many shapes here – much of it through law, policy, and community services that welcome, protect, and support our vulnerable immigrant population.  In this panel, we will discuss the unique ways Hawaii has advocated for immigrant and refugee rights – particularly in a national political climate characterized by growing attempts to eviscerate them.   Learn about the basic principles behind the Hawaii v. Trump ‘Travel Ban’ litigation; Sanctuary Jurisdictions; and distinctions between immigrants, refugees, asylees, and our respective obligations to them under state, federal, and international law.  Hear how the “Spirit of Aloha” has been a guiding principle in both micro and macro-level efforts – from the perspective of policy leaders who also experience it on personal and community levels.”

Moderator: Rebecca Gardner, JD Office of Language Access

Conference Room 1 – Cultivating Peace Through Gardening

Schools and communities are putting peace into practice through the cultivation of gardens. Peace Gardens offer a safe and calming environment and living laboratory for students where learning comes to life and social and emotional wellbeing are nurtured along with the skills of cooperation and caring. Peace Gardens provide an abundance of opportunities for learning about and addressing global issues such as food access, climate change, ecosystem restoration, invasive species, and much more.

Moderator: Lydi Morgan Bernal, Coordinator, Hawai‘i Farm to School and School Garden

  • Gigi Cocquio, Founder, Hoa ‘Aina O Makaha
  • Miki Tomita, Learning Center Director, Polynesian Voyaging Society
  • Bianca Yanuaria, School Counselor, Keolu Elementary School
  • Tyler Levine, Student, Oak Meadow Distance Learning School

Conference Room 2 – Forgiveness: The Roots of International Peace

The Hawai’i Forgiveness Project recognizes United Nations Peace Day with a presentation about two heroes of peace — Queen Lili’uokalani of Hawai’i and Premier Zhou Enlai of China. What is the connection between the deeply personal process of forgiveness, and the issues of international peace that we see in the headlines each day?  What is the impact of our daily ethical, cultural, social and economic choices on the progress of peace in the world?

    Meleanna Meyer, Kalama Productions
​    Michael North, co-founder of the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute
and organizer of the Hawai’i Forgiveness Project
Meleanna provides a living connection, through her family, to Hawai’s last Queen, Lili’uokalani. She is a peacemaker, artist and activist who helps bring the Queen’s Prayer of forgiveness to life each day, and will speak about how each of us can be true to the Queen’s example in our own daily lives. She shows a short film about the passion of the Queen for justice.
Michael is the co-founder, with his wife Xiaofang Zhou, of the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute. He is also a long-standing organizer of the Hawai’i Forgiveness Project. He speaks about the Five Principles of Peace, developed by Zhou Enlai as a witness to the yearning for peace of the Chinese people. Each of the Principles is examined, in light of current events.